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2011 NFL Draft: Bears Apparently Balk At Last Second In Trade With Baltimore

The first 28 picks of the 2011 NFL Draft are in, meaning the Chicago Bears selection at No. 29 is just around the corner. A quick note though about what appeared to be trade talks between the Bears and the Baltimore Ravens while Baltimore was on the clock at No. 26. I will be interested to read more about this, but from the sound of it, the Bears and Ravens were in negotiations to make a deal, however when the time expired and a selection had to be made, neither a trade nor a selection for the Ravens was announced. Instead, Baltimore was forced to forfeit its selection and swap spots with the Kansas City Chiefs, who were next in line to pick at No. 27.

Most likely, the Bears balked at the last minute, opting to stay put at No. 29 rather than executing the trade with Baltimore. The Ravens in turn must have not been prepared to make their pick in whatever short amount of time they had left. In the end, it all seemed to work out as the Ravens were expected to draft a cornerback, which they were able to do when Jimmy Smith’s name was announced following the Chiefs’ selection of wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin.

Stay tuned here and at Windy City Gridiron for more updates on this, and on the Bears’ selection here in just a few short minutes.