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NFL Lockout: Judge Sends Parties Back To Mediation

On Monday, Judge Susan Nelson sent the NFL owners and players back to mediation, under the supervision of her court. This decision is considered favorable to players for a couple of reasons. Court watchers consider the U.S. District Court in Minnesota, 'home court' for players, as rulings in this venue have favored players in the past.

It also appears to be against the league's wishes to negotiate in this court. The NFL argued vehemently that this court was not the proper forum for these proceedings, at least until the National Labor Relations Board rules on the players union de-certifying.

The league's attorney, David Boies, also pushed to return mediation under George Cohen, where the parties failed to reach an agreement in March.

Judge Nelson addressed the league's position dismissively, making it clear that she felt her court was the proper venue, and her decisions would take precedence.She was also very careful to convey to both parties the risk of submitting to litigation ruling over mediation.The parties at present are both firmly entrenched in their positions, to the point where they disagree on what they are to negotiate. The league wants to negotiate collective bargaining agreements, while rthe players are focused on anti-trust settlements.