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NFL Lockout Postponed For A Week, The CFL Is Standing By

An NFL lockout has been averted, at least for one more week. The owners and the palyers association have agreed to continue negotiations for another week. This news has fueled speculation that the sides feel they are making real progress, and that perhaps a deal will be struck before a lockout takes place.

With this extension comes a 'tolling agreement' that prevents teams from renegotiating existing contracts or signing free agents from other teams.

Meanwhile, teams from the Canadian Football League have been putting out feelers to NFL players' agents. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, among other teams, would welcome any locked-out NFL players who need to keep their incomes flowing. With the federal mediator requesting a media blackout, we haven't heard much from ownership lately, but do the Canucks know something we don't?

Blue Bombers GM Joe Mack spent 14 years working in the NFL, and his sources don't paint a very rosy picture, “I’ve talked to the NFL office, and everybody’s telling me it looks like there’s going to be a lockout for sure and maybe lasting all the way until September,” Mack said Thursday.

So NFL fans, if your team won't be competing to go to the Super Bowl this year, you can always root for the Rough Riders to take the Grey Cup.