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Chicago Bears To Offer Vanity Plates

The Chicago Bears will not go quietly this offseason. As the NFL lockout drags on, and we all wonder whether or when the navy blue and orange will return to the gridiron, Halas Hall has another hard-to-ignore way for you to keep the team in your thoughts this summer: a vanity license plate.


The new plate, which will joins counterparts from the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks, will see the light of day this afternoon in an unveiling ceremony hosted by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White. Bears Hall-of-Fame defensive end Richard Dent will also reportedly attend as will George and Pat McCaskey. As of this writing, details on exactly when and where the ceremony will take place are a bit sketchy. One would assume it will happen at the James R. Thompson Center in downtown Chicago.


Update: Our latest info indicates that White will introduce the new plate at 2:30 p.m. (Central) today.


Costs for a vanity license plate vary depending on, among other factors, the type of vehicle you drive. But $25 of the fee for the Bears plate will go toward an Illinois school education fund. When it's officially available, you should be able to make the purchase here.