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NFL Lockout: Judge Rules In Favor Of NFLPA

A federal judge made a decision Tuesday, that may have an impact on whether or not there’s a lockout tomorrow for NFL players. U.S. District Judge David Doty ruled that the four billion dollars in broadcasting revenues the owners have attempted to put aside as a ‘war chest’ was secured unfairly and illegally.

The language is so dense that there’s no way for a layperson to fully comprehend all the moves that have been employed here, let alone summarize it here, but essentially the judge ruled that a portion of this money, would also belong to the players.

While NFL ownership maintains this does not change their strategy, it seems clear that they now have less capital to help them ‘ride out’ a lengthy negotiation. The judge agreed with the players union lawyers, who maintained the league violated existing agreements, when it negotiated a contract with broadcasters that didn’t work in the best of interests of players.

The league is expected to appeal the ruling, which if upheld, may amke them subject to fines and re-payments.

As the deadline approaches, keep your eye on this space, and we’ll bring you news and updates.