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2011 Super Bowl, Packers Vs. Steelers: 21-17 Packers After Three

The second half of Super Bowl XLV begins after the strains of the Black Eyed Peas auto-tuning the parts of their songs they haven't sampled outright echo off the walls of Cowboys Stadium. And while this is first and foremost a description of an NFL game, I would be remiss if i failed to point out, that if there are no musicians on stage with you, you are NOT a band.

It's enough to make you long for the days of 'Up With People'.

The secondary of the Green Bay Packers was hampered with injuries in the first half, so it remains to be seen who'll return for the second half. The Packers will receive to open the half. 

Jordy Nelson takes a knee in the end zone, they'll start from the 20. Charles Woodsen is out for the game.

James Starks gets two yards, but the Packers are called for holding. It's first and 20 from the 10 yard line. James Jones gets the 10 yards back on first down.  A false start costs them another five yards, and the Steeler defense is starting to wear down the Green bay O-line.

A complete to jordy nelson makes it third and five. Aaron Rodgers from the shotgun goes incomplete. Antonio Brown takes the punt. He only gets three yards, but a personal foul on the tackle gets 15 more, and the Steelers will start with good field position.

From the 50, Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers go to Rashard Mendenhall for a first down at the 33 yard line. They get another three, and Roethlisberger runs for six. Third and one, Isaac Redmon breaks a run for 16 yards, to the Packers eight yard line. On the next play, Mendenhall punches it in for a touchdown. The Steelers ran all the way on this drive.

21-17 Packers

With 10:19 left in the third quarter the Packers will start behind their 20, as Jordy Nelson was chased out.  From the 18, the Packers send James Starks up the middle for three. Nelson can't hold on to the second down pass. On third down, Rodgers can't find a receiver and takes a sack from James Harrison.

The Steelers will start from midfield again. They feed it to Mendenhall, who gets one yard. Mike Wallace gains eight, on quick screen, and on third down Ben Roethlisberger has to take a timeout.

On third and one, the snap is bobbled, Mewelde Moore hits the pile, bounces outside and gets the first. From the 44, Roethlisberger goes for broke, and launches it towards the end zone, just out of Wallace's reach. Hines Ward gets 15 over the middle, and the steelers are inside the 30.

From the 29, Roethlisberger has the ball knocked down in the backfield by Clay Matthews. On second down, he dumps off to Heath Miller who loses three on the play. Third down, and Frank Zombo sacks Roethlisberger. A 52 yard field goal attempt goes very wide, and the Packers will take over with decent field position.

Rodgers hits Nelson on first down for 18 yards, from the 40 James starks is hit hard in the backfield, and it's second and 13.

Andrew Quarless gets his first catch of the day, but it's a dump off and it's third and eight. The Steelers have to use another timeout, they have one left.

With 2:34 left in the quarter, Rodgers overthrows his target, and the Packers will punt.

Anwaan Randle El fair catches on the 13 yard line. Rashard Mendenhall goes up the middle for four yards. Mike Wallace takes a vicious hit on a screen, gain of four. Roethlisberger throws too high for Wallace. They'll punt.

It bounces to the 25 yard line, and a flag is thrown. It's a personal foul on Tramon Williams, adding 15 yards to the 52 yard punt. The packers will start at their 13 yard line. Rodgers throws incomplete to Quarless, on second down he's chased down and has to throw out of bounds. Third down is incomplete and the the Pack goes three and out.

Mike McCarthy wants to challenge the incomplete pass call. The receiver was stripped as he fell, and it was recovered by Green Bay. If it was a catch, the Packers have a first down.

There's 25 seconds left in the third quarter.

The ruling on the field is confirmed, and they add six seconds to the game clock.

Green Bay punts, Antonio Brown returns to about midfield, but there's a flag. Pittsburgh will make the Packers re-kick.

This kick is caught near the Green Bay 41 yard line, with 11 seconds left in the quarter, Mendenhall stays on his feet, and gets eight yards on the last play of the third.

21-17 Packers