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2011 Super Bowl, Packers Vs. Steelers: 21-10 Packers At Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers start the second quarter of Super Bowl 45 from the Green Bay Packers 33 yard line. Two plays later it's third and 12, and Ben Roethlisberger finds Emmanual Sanders for the first. On the next play oethlisberger can't find an open man, and picks up two with his feet, crossing the 20.  Rashard Mendenhall can only get a yard, and it's third and seven.  From thre shotgun, they pick up four on a pass to Heath Miller, and the Steelers will have to kick. It's good from 33 yards.

14-3 Packers

The Packers receive and Tramon Williams takes it to around the 25,and Aaron Rodgers will lead the Green Bay offense from there with 11:01 in the second quarter. He under throws Greg Jennings. He throws complete on second down for five. Donald Driver gets close, but doesn't get the first, and the packers punt it away.

From their 22 with 9:28 left, the Rashard Mendenhall run is negated by a holding penalty.

Donald Driver has been taken to the locker room with an injury.

On first and 20, they get 16 yards, and Mewelde moore gets seven, for the first down. At the 35, Roethlisberger runs for five. n second Moore loses a yard. Both teams, particularly on offense, are banged up badly. Antwaan Randle El gets 17 yards and the Steelers cross mid-field.

Mendenhall loses a yard, and the Pittsburgh fans want a horse collar tackle penalty. They won't get it. The Pittsburgh Steelers use their first timeout.

From the Green Bay 49, Roethlisberger is picked off again, and the packers take over from their 47.

Greg Jennings gets three on first down, and Jordy Nelson is alll alone, Rodgers finds him for 18 yards. James Starks stays upright, and turns the corner for 10, and another first down.

Aaron Rodgers hits Greg Jennings in the end zone, on a laser strike.

21-3 Packers

With 2:24 in the half, Antonio Brown takes it to the 22 yard line. Roethlisberger from the shotgun, hits Randle El deep, he goes to the Green Bay 40, as the two minute warning is called.

Sam Shields is helped to the locker room.

Roethlisberger goes long for Mike Wallace, but it's well defended by Charles Woodsen. Woodsen is hurt on the play and Green Bay has to call a timeout. second and 10 is batted down at the line of scrimmage. Hines wards makes a sliding catch for a big first down.

The Steelers take a timeout with 1:37 left on the clock. From the 26, Roethlisberger dumps off to Antonion brown for one yard. He hits Hines Ward for 18 yards. From the eight he finds Ward again in the end zone. Touchdown.

21-10 Packers

With 39 seconds left Pat Lee takes a knee in the end zone, for a touchback.

Rodgers hands to Starks, who gets three, and the Packers will let time expire.

21-10 Packers