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Former Bears Player Mike Adamle Facing Foreclosure of Evanston Home

As we await word about Mike Adamle's trial on Feb. 14 for his DUI arrest, we get word that the former Bears player has even more problems. We now find out that his home in suburban Evanston could be foreclosed on. Adamle and his soon-to-be ex-wife owe $1.1 million on a loan that matured in August. Adamle claims the issue will be resolved when his divorce is finalized.


His wife, Kim, filed for divorce in May. Apparently, the Internal Revenue Service filed a lien against "the couple" for not paying $70,808 in income taxes for 2008 and 2009. And now comes word of a pending foreclosure. What other dirty laundry will the papers dig up about Adamle?


I don't know Adamle personally, but I do feel for the guy. And was irresponsible for lumping in the DUI arrest with the story about the possible foreclosure, at least without knowing whether the two are even related. There are a lot of people hurting financially now. Even former pro players are not immune to tax problems and foreclosures. Add to this a divorce and you have some pieces of a puzzle, but not all of them. And we may never know the full story on any of these issues.


Some of us at The Deep Dish are appalled at the irresponsible reporting lately of Adamle's problems. Unlike the mainstream papers, we will try to bring you the full story, or as much of it as we can gather when it's available, without sensationalizing the situation and without putting Adamle on trial and convicting him before we know all the facts.