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Lovie Smith And The Chicago Bears Keep It All In The Family

The Chicago Bears are a family business. The Halas/McCaskey family have guided the Bears fortunes since the inception of the National Football League; George Halas being an integral part of it's formation and early success. His daughter Virginia McCaskey and her offspring have kept Halas' vision alive, and it's as quaint a mom & pop operation as any billion dollar business can be.

So they certainly had no problem understanding Head Coach Lovie Smith's choice of negotiators for his new contract; Matthew Smith, his son.

Matthew is a second year law student at Loyola University, and as an agent he only has one client, his dad. A McCaskey family, who by all estimation is very comfortable with their head coach, must have found the negotiations refreshingly free of rancor.

Two parties (and their families) who wanted to work together hammered out a quick, seemingly painless, agreement to keep Lovie Smith at the helm of the Chicago Bears until 2013. The current contract extension matches Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo's in length, meaning that the duo will be working together for the foreseeable future..