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Bears Sign Punter Richmond McGee To Two-Year Deal

It's not unusual for NFL teams to bring in extra kickers or punters to try to push veterans to do a better job, particularly in training camp. The Bears have had a number of such people over the last few years, but this time, it seems a change is coming.


Richmond McGee has been signed to a two-year contract. He was signed by the Eagles as an undrafted free agent in 2008 from Texas, where he was a member of the Longhorns' national title team in 2005. He has yet to play in the NFL. It doesn't seem likely that the Bears would sign him to a multiyear deal unless they were planning on letting Brad Maynard walk. Maynard is an unrestricted free agent.


Maynard has been the Bears' punter for 10 seasons, since 2001. He had the lowest punting average in those 10 years in 2010, but still averaged 40.1 yards per punt. The 10 seasons is the longest run anyone's had as Bears punter since Bob Parsons, who punted (and also played a bit of tight end) for the Bears from 1974-83.


This all is conditional on there actually being an NFL season in 2011, of course.