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Brett Favre Rumors: Bears GM Says Favre Rumors Are "A Fantasy"

The Brett Favre-to-Chicago rumors were all but squashed yesterday, but this should be the final nail in the coffin. Bears GM Jerry Angelo told the team's website today that the idea of Favre suiting up for the Bears this season is merely "a fantasy," and we'll assume he doesn't mean in the sense that he spends all day dreaming about it. Here is the full quote:

I’m not even factoring Brett Favre into the equation because he hasn’t played or even practiced from the preseason on. We’re all assuming he’s in great shape and frothing to come back and play football, which we all know is not true. So the Favre thing is just a fantasy


The Bears seem content with letting Caleb Hanie right himself, or at least turning to Josh McCown if worst comes to worst (and it might). Regardless, it seems as if most NFL GMs will be unwilling to take on the spectacle of bringing Brett Favre back into the NFL.

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