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Random Chicago Sports Thoughts: Volume 2

Sam Hurd, Prince Fielder,and the Bulls are all covered in this weeks random thoughts.

It's time once again for the latest edition of Random Chicago Sports thoughts. If you are new to this segment, I basically give my thoughts on recent happenings in the Chicago sports landscape.


This has been the strangest season for the Bears that I can remember. First there was the mess with Olin Kreutz. Then you had the debacle that was Family Night when it was cancelled at the last minute because of poor field conditions. The ongoing issues with Matt Forte and his contract. Jay Cutler's injury. And now we've learned one of the biggest drug dealers around was on the Bears roster. Sam Hurd was arrested this week in what is one of the strangest arrests in sports history. What could be even more nerve racking is the fact other players could be involved in this case. I don't think we've heard the last of this case.

White Sox

Is it just me or has Kenny Williams been way too quiet this offseason. If history is any indication he must be ready to pull off some major deal. As a Sox fan I sure hope it's not a complete rebuilding trade. I'm not opposed to moving Gordon Beckham, John Danks, or Carlos Quentin, I just hope if they do move those guys they don't receive unproven minor league talent in return.


As strange as it sounds, the Cubs have actually moved up their chances of winning the NL Central and with the exception of David DeJesus and Ian Stewart haven't done a thing. Milwaukee on the verge of losing Prince and with Braun likely to be suspended 50-games they have come back to the pack. The Cardinals losing Tony LaRussa and Albert Pujols look like an average team at best. Yes I know the Brewers did sign Aramis, and now it's time for the Cubs to open their wallets and sign Prince. He is proven, he still has many years left in his prime, and would be the big lefty bat the Cubs have needed for years.Plus no better way to stick it to a rival than by signing one of their top players.


So the NBA is back and the Bulls should be fun to watch again. I must admit though they seemed a player or two short last season, and so far they haven't really improved. Rip Hamilton is a nice player and will be a great veteran force, but he is past his prime and really anything you can get from him will be a bonus. Still it would have been much nicer to get a sexier two guard and another big man to help them in their quest for another championship. At least we still have Derrick Rose back and it will truly be a Merry Christmas for Bulls fans.

Enjoy your sports weekend everyone and stay tuned for the next segment of Random Chicago Sports Thoughts.