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Sam Hurd Arrested: Hurd Hopeful He Will Play Again This Season, According to Lawyer

Defense lawyers are paid to defend their clients, and sometimes that means they say things that may seem impossible to utter with a straight face. Enter Brett Greenfield, ex-Chicago Bears' WR Sam Hurd's defense attorney, who said on Friday night that Hurd is hopeful that he will be picked up by another NFL team this season.

Yes, the same Hurd that was just released on $100,000 bail after being arrested for, amongst other things, conspiring to purchase at least five kilograms of cocaine a week from an undercover federal agent. Which is the same Hurd that has caught only eight passes for 109 yards all season. Crazy things certainly have happened— like, say, a current NFL wide receiver becoming one of the top drug kingpins in Chicago— but not many.

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