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Caleb Hanie Press Conference: 'I'm Trying To Do The Best I Can'

The Chicago Bears have been struggled to stay in the NFC Wildcard race after two tough losses to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos in the past two weeks, and nobody has been under more fire than Bears' quarterback Caleb Hanie. On Wednesday, Hanie went before the media to answer questions about the team's poor performances on offense in particular. 

Speaking to Seattle-area reporters via conference call, Hanie had this to say when asked about the general mood about the team in the city of Chicago heading into Week 15:

I couldn't really tell you. I've been locked up in a hole trying to study and get ready for Seattle, really. It's not like I've been hitting the streets of Chicago talking to the fans. But I assume it's not very good. The fans want to win games worse than anybody, so we need to get some wins for these guys.

via The News Tribune. Talking with Chicago media, Hanie had these things to say about his recent performances: 

I own all the passes that I miss, just got to hit it. I'd love to be 3-0, I'm trying to do the best I can. It's a tough game. Quarterback's a tough position.

via Zach Zaidman on Twitter. Hanie has been quite bad in 2011 so far, completing just 51.9% of his passes for two touchdowns and six interceptions and a quarterback rating of 48.6. The Bears desperately need a win in Week 15 to stay alive in the NFC Wildcard race, so the pressure is squarely on Hanie to turn things around.

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