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Chicago Sports News: Powlus Joins Weis In Kansas, Scalabrine Is Back On The Bulls And The Bears Shady Memorabilia Collector

Take a quick look around the latest Chicago sports news with Z.W. Martin. All the juicy Ron Powlus/Charlie Weis, Brian Scalabrine and sketchy merch dealer goodness following the jump.

In the battle of the bigger Notre Dame Fighting Irish bust, former top shelf QB recruit, Ron Powlus, will join Charlie Weis at Kansas as the quarterback coach -- the position he filled both at Notre Dame and, more recently, Akron.

Cue the "Yakety Sax"? Cue the "Yakety Sax".


The Chicago Bears, on top of shitting on their season, are also in cahoots with a merchandise counterfeiter. Good times in Halas Hall.

By doctoring hundreds of jerseys over several years, federal authorities say, Jarrod Oldridge and others deceived collectors and profited illegally.

Oldridge's legal troubles didn't cost him his company's contract with the Bears, who said the criminal activity covered a period before they partnered. But at least two other NFL teams are moving to sever ties with the Las Vegas company while fans and collectors are left wondering whom to trust.

Keep on keeping on, Chicago Bears.


In the greatest news ever news, Brian Scalabrine is mother fucking back, people. Happy Dance!


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