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Jay Cutler Injury Update: Cutler Expected Out For Regular Season, According To Report

With Caleb Hanie's play at quarterback not instilling confidence in very many Bears fans, whispers and questions about Jay Cutler's comeback will continue to get more persistent as the season moves towards its conclusion. According to a report by ESPN's Adam Schefter, though, Cutler's "slim-to-none" comeback is much, much closer to "none" than it is to "slim." Schefter reported today that, although Cutler's timetable is unknown, he is not expected back for the 2011 regular season.

Whether or not Cutler's availability for the playoffs is more a hope than a possibility is left unsaid, but of course, that won't matter unless the Bears actually make the playoffs. With Cutler out indefinitely, it's on Caleb Hanie, or if not him, then Josh McCown. If that combo can string the Bears along just enough, there still may be light left in the tunnel.

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