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Kurt Warner Ranks Jay Cutler As The Fourth Most Impressive QB In Week 9

There was a time when bright lights and national television blinded Jay Cutler, but it appears those days are now over for the Chicago Bears' quarterback. Cutler led the Bears to their third straight win on Monday against the Eagles in Philadelphia by throwing for 208 yards and two touchdowns -- along with, just as impressively, no interceptions and no sack. This is the best Cutler has played since being traded to the Bears two seasons and a half ago.

Cutler is no stranger to criticism from media and peers, but his recent strong run is now gaining him some praise. Bill Simmons named Cutler a top ten NFL quarterback a few weeks back. It seems like former Rams star Kurt Warner agrees. On the NFL Network, Warner said Cutler logged the fourth best quarterback performance of the week.


Said Warner: "Jay really settled into things these last few weeks. He's setting feet in the pocket and he's not allowing the pressure to get to him."