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Matt Forte Continues To Make Media Rounds: 'Hopefully They Don't Put The Franchise Tag On Me'

Matt Forte is certainly making sure he finds platforms to voice his opinion on the ongoing contract dispute with the Chicago Bears. In a recent interview with ESPN on NFL 32, he spoke on the contract issue again, saying:

"It's constantly on my mind, so I've got to just continue to play football and not have animosity out there on the field thinking about it, so I can play...but having animosity towards the organization is something that starts to build the more I play and nothing is going on." 

The Bears have offered a reported $13-$15 million in guaranteed money in a long-term deal, but Forte has rejected that offer in hopes to get more guaranteed money upfront. He has been producing at a high level and wants a longt-term contract commensurate with the top running backs in the league. From the perspective of the Bears' organization, the franchise tag is the likely option if Forte won't bring his demands in line with their offer. This isn't exactly Forte's favorite scenario, and in the same interview he said that if the Bears don't want to give him the deal he is looking for, "hopefully they don't put the franchise tag on me and another team can pick me up."

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