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Mike Martz Remains Quiet Amid Swelling College Coaching Rumors

Mike Martz is entering the final year of his contract as the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears after rejecting a one-year, $1 million extension last off-season. The Bears currently boast the best offense they've had in some time -- or at least they did until quarterback Jay Cutler went down -- but at times their success feels in spite of Martz, not because of him. Still, after the rotating cast of baboons that held down Chicago's OC position in the recent past, the Bears would likely love to keep Martz around for another season.

They may not get their wish, though. Martz has down interested from UCLA and Arizona State, a pair of Pac-12 schools with head coaching openings. When asked Monday, Martz remained mum on the subject.

"You know, anything about those kinds of things, I would never discuss," he said Wednesday. "I have a job, and this job is the only one I can discuss. It would be very inappropriate for me to talk about anything like that.''

Martz could also be a candidate for the Jacksonville Jaguars job after Jack Del Rio was recently dismissed as head coach.