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Dear Arizona State, Please Take Mike Martz. Sincerely, Bears Nation

When Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz was the coach of the St. Louis Rams, Martz was labeled the creator of the "Greatest Show on Turf." The mad scientist doesn't seem to get it that instead of Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, and Torry Holt, he now has Caleb Hanie, Matt Forte, Johnny Knox, and Earl Bennett. While Forte is a star the others are not. Martz either is too stuborn to stick with the runnining game or just too damn clueless and needs to go. ↵

The Chicago Tribune reported today that Martz is interested in the Arizona State Coaching job. I beg of you Sun Devil administration. Please take him. Yes your quarterback will get sacked all the time and the play calling will make you scratch your head, but he is a big name and will help get recruits. Plus us Bears fans will even drive him to you. Next week we will be in Denver and can just drop him off while we are out West.


Christmas is all about giving and although we might not be close with the Sun Devils program we wouldn't be opposed to starting a new bond. What better way then to give you a Christmas present in the form of Mike Martz. No need to thank us. Like most of Mike Martz's recent offensive squads we are all about giving and not great at receiving..