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Jay Cutler Has Successful Surgery On His Thumb, As Announced By Chicago Bears

Earlier on Wednesday, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler underwent surgery on his fractured right thumb at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, and the team is now announcing that that procedure was successful via Twitter: 
Jay Cutler underwent successful surgery on Wednesday afternoon and is expected to begin rehab within the next few days.

Although the name of the surgeon for this procedure was not disclosed by the team, the Chicago Tribune spoke with a local hand surgeon about the the rehab process:

"Usually after four weeks, we start gentle exercises, gentle mobilization,'' [Randy] Bindra said. ``By six-to-eight weeks, one would be able to start gripping and throwing. Typically, it would take three months to get full strength back. It's still tender after four weeks and could easily re-fracture. But the healing process is six weeks.''

The news of a successful surgery is undeniably good for both Cutler and the Bears organization, but as Dan Bernstein of Chicago's 670AM The Score noted, it isn't exactly a surprise the announcement would be that the surgery was a success:

 Dan Bernstein 
Has any team ever announced that a player has undergone "unsuccessful" surgery? Like they operated on the wrong part, or the guy died? 


Meanwhile, the team has been busy inking veteran QB Josh McCown to a one-year deal after being denied the waiver claim priority on Kyle Orton.

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