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Kyle Orton Update: Could The Bears Be Blocked From Claiming Orton?

The return of Kyle Orton to the Chicago Bears in the wake of Jay Cutler's thumb injury would be very convenient. Maybe too convenient, if any of the Bears' NFC competitors decide to have a say in the matter. Orton was placed on waivers by the Denver Broncos, which means that dibs on the quarterback are determined by 2011 record, with the worst teams getting the first options.

On Tuesday, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reported that the Bears are 30th (out of 32 teams) on the waiver list, meaning that there would be quite a bit of distance between them and Orton, who multiple reports say the Bears are very interested in claiming. In front of them would be teams jockeying with the Bears for playoff position like the Denver Lions and Atlanta Falcons, both of which would have strong incentive to keep the inexperienced Caleb Hanie under center in Chicago.

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