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Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions Combine For Over $60,000 In Fines

Last Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears cost Lions more than just their sole lead in the Wild Card race. After a hotly contested game involving a team-wide brawl on the field, the NFL has levied fines against at least six different players.

The list includes:

Player Reason Amount
D.J. Moore fight $15,000
Nick Fairley roughing the passer $15,000
Earl Bennett uniform (orange shoes) $10,000
Matthew Stafford fight $7,500
Rob Sims late hit $7,500
Kyle Vanden Bosch fight $7,500

WR Earl Bennett wore orange shoes for a second consecutive game, wearing the un-allowed footwear since he first returned from an injury last week against the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the second half of the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions game, defensive tackle Nick Fairley tackled Jay Cutler, driving him into the ground well after the Bears quarterback had thrown the ball. The play drew a personal foul penalty and also a hefty fine, but it also precipitated much of the later fighting which resulted in the other three fight fines.

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