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Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford, DE Kyle Vanden Bosch Fined $7,500

Earlier today, the NFL announced that Chicago Bears cornerback D.J. Moore was fined $15,000 for attacking Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford after the whistle on Sunday's Bears-Lions game. Now, word has come out that the NFL has also fined Stafford and DE Kyle Vanden Bosch, each worth $7,500 -- half of Moore's fine.

Stafford instigated the event, tackling Moore by his helmet during an interception return in which Moore was attempting to block Stafford. Then, after being thrown to the ground, Moore jumped back to his feet and dove at Stafford, resulting in a team-wide brawl.

Following the fight, Moore received a personal foul penalty and was ejected from the game, earning a standing ovation from Bears fans.

The league, interestingly, fined Moore, Stafford, and Vanden Bosch beneath the minimum-scheduled fine for fighting -- $25,000. All fines levied by the NFL go to NFL charities.

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