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Bears Cornerback D.J. Moore Fined $15,000 For Role In Week 10 Brawl, According To Report

Insult has been added to injury. Chicago Bears CB D.J. Moorewho may miss Sunday's game with an ankle injury he sustained in practice on Wednesday, will certainly miss the $15,000 he has been ordered to pay by the NFL for his role in a Week 10 altercation with Detroit Lions QB Matthew Staffordaccording to a report by Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Apparently the league didn't classify the altercation between Stafford and Moore as a 'fight,' because the Detroit Free Press has pointed out the NFL has a higher minimum figure for first time fighters

According to the league's fine schedule, the minimum fine for a first-time fighting offense is $25,000, with players who unnecessarily enter the fighting area and are actively involved in the altercation subject to a $5,000 penalty. Players who unnecessarily enter the fighting area and are not involved in the fight are subject to a $2,500 fine.    

The Lions quarterback clearly started the altercation, when he grabbed Moore by the helmet and possibly the facemask as well, and then threw Moore to the ground while the Bears defenders were blocking for an interception return. Moore then jumped up and retaliated, leading to a larger bench-clearing meeting on the field after the play ended.

No news has surfaced on Stafford's fine at this time. 

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