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Bears And Bucs To Face Off Across The Pond

Bears and Bucs Preview

Sunday the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will get to take part in the NFL's annual game in London. While there are lots of football fans across the world, the game doesn't seem as popular as sports like basketball, hockey, and baseball are. It appears this tradition will continue though as the NFL seems to want to have a game in London the next several seasons.

For The Bears to Win:

The Bears are coming off a very impressive win against the Minnesota Vikings. Unfortunately Tampa Bay is a much better team. The Bears will need to protect Jay Cutler, continue to run the ball with Matt Forte. They will need to grind out the clock to keep Josh Freeman off the field. The defense may have trouble getting to the mobile Freeman, but he can make mistakes if pressured. The Bears defense could definitely use some turnovers which have become hard to come by. Special teams may not be a factor for the Bears, because I would be shocked if the Bucs kicked to him.

For Tampa Bay to Win:

The Buccaneers are also coming off a great win last week when they took down the Saints. The Bucs will need Earnest Graham to run the ball well and for Josh Freeman to manage the game and not make any mistakes. On defense the Bucs need to pressure Jay Cutler as much as possible and force him to make turnovers. They also need to control Matt Forte and the run game of the Bears. The biggest thing is not to allow Devin Hester to beat them.


Bears- Gabe Carimi and Matt Toeaina will miss Sunday's game.

Bucs- LeGarrette Blount is out Sunday while Gerald McCoy is questionable.


Bears 24  Bucs 21