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NFL Trade Deadline Rumors: Would The Bears Really Trade Forte?

The Bears figure to be quiet as trade deadline approaches.

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As the Bears continue to haggle with contract negotiations with star RB Matt Forte, multiple teams have expressed interest in Forte. The likelyhood of a deal happening seems to be slim, but with the Bears nobdoy knows. They've surprised us in the past pulling off the Cutler trade when nobody thought they would be so bold. This on the other hand would go down as a low moment in Bears history.

Forte keeps showing each week that he deserves to be paid amongst the highest at his position. He might not be worth the $100 million that Adrian Peterson was recently paid, but he is definitely worth more than the $43 million that DeAngelo Williams received. The Bears are reportedly offering $6 million per season with around $13 million guaranteed. Forte wants closer to $8 million.

Do the right thing Jerry Angelo. Pay the Man!!!!  He is one of the best players in the league, he is the focus of your offense, he is proven, and the Bears have the money. There is no reason this man should be traded and the fact it's even rumored is disgusting.

As I stated earlier I really don't think he will be traded today. If for some dumb reason he is, Angelo and the rest of the Bears Brass should be left in London after this week's game against Tampa Bay.