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Bears Show Entire Nation That They Stink At Football, Fall to Lions

Bears show it's not too early to get excited about the Cubs and White Sox.

Each Saturday and Sunday morning, I will typically be out running errands and drive past a park in my town where little kids ages 5-7 are playing flag football. These kids would protect Jay Cutler better than the current Bears Offensive line. In another pathetic effort the Bears had zero pass protection and made the very average Lions running back Jahvid Best look like Barry Sanders in their loss on Monday to the Lions.

The game started out like a typical first day of high school football practice. Just about every play had a false start penalty and thus the offense constantly got pushed back. Tackles and guards were flopping on the ground, on those plays they actually got off, and Jay Cutler could do nothing but sling the ball to his below average group of receivers and take yet another hit.

The defense continues to show that they aren't  good and getting older as Calvin Johnson, Jahvid Best, and Brandon Pettigrew did whatever they want. Calvin Johnson is a complete freak of nature and is probably the best in the game. The fact he was given so many wide open chances is just sick.

Then there is the coaching. I normally stand up for Lovie Smith, but I can't tonight.  Wasting timeouts and challenges, and not trying for a field goal early on is just stupid. When have you ever seen them change the spot of a ball?  Very few times.

There were a couple positives in this game. Jay Cutler looked fantastic considering he never could get set. He made plays that weren't there and made some incredible throws that were dropped and ended drives. Not huge numbers, but imagine if he had a second to throw what the outcome could have been.

Matt Forte was also great. With the exception of a key drop of a pass, he ran the ball quite well and went over 100 yards again.

I know it's just one game and we are only five weeks in, but this season is over. The Bears are already three games  \behind the Lions and Packers, four if you count the current tiebreakers, and no improvement seems like it is coming anytime soon.

One final note, I hope all the morons like Maurice Jones-Drew and the so called "Bears Fans" who burn't Cutler's jersey or questioned his toughness after the NFC Championship game watched Monday's game. You can't question his toughness now. Idiots.

If for some reason you didn't watch this game, you are very lucky. However the nation will get to see the Bears in primetime again next week when they welcome the Minnesota Vikings to town. Might be a good night to catch up on your DVR.