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2011 Playoffs Green Bay Packers Beat The Philadelphia Eagles 21-16

From the 25,  Michael Vick gets seven on a pass to Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy can't convert on consecutive runs, and David Akers comes on, and misses from 34 yards. 

The Green Bay Packers take over at the 24 yard line, and James Starks runs for three, and gets another four. On third and three, Aaron odgers finds Donald Driver for 11 yards. He wals off hurting after, and Starks runs twice, for nine yards, John Kuhn loses three, and Green Bay will punt. Tim Masthay kicks it out of bounds around the 27, and the Eagles will go to work.

DeSean Jackson finds a lane and gets 19 yards on a run and catch. A screen to LeSean McCoy goes for 11. a run and an incomplete and it's third and five from the Packers 40 finds Jason Avant falling over the line for the first. Vick has too scramble and he underthrows brad Celek. But he finds McCoy, who picks up a first the the Packers 18. He gets sacked, but finds Celek and it's first and goal from the three. A quarterback draw goes for naught, and an incomplete and the Vick is inches away on fourth down. Andy Reid wants a timeout.

Michael Vick sneaks it in, and the Eagles will go for two. Brad Celek reels it in, but stepped out of bounds first, and the try is no good. After some confusion by the officials, they'll retry from the 12 yard line. But the Packers hold, and Vick limps off the field.

21-16 Packers. 

With 4:02 left, the Eagles kick deep, and the Packers will start from their 22, Aaron Rodgers hands off to James Stark, who gets three, and the Eagles use their second timeout. Starks gets a big first down, running for 12 yards, and the Eagles use their last timeout.

First and ten from the 38, and Starks get stacked up at the line of scrimmage, and loses one yard on the next play. It's a big third and long, and Rodgers from the shotgun, is sacked on the blitz., The two minute warning stops action, before the Packers punt.

DeSean Jackson is cajoling the crowd as he goes back for the punt.

The punt goes to the 30, and Jackson runs it up to the 43, but the Eagles get called for holding.

Vick is back out there, and he'll start from the 34, with 1:45 left. He hits DeSean jackson, who turns upfield to the Packers 37. Brad Celek is hurt, on a brutal hit on an incomplete pass. There's no call, and the officials call timeout and a ten second runoff

It's second and ten, third and ten following the incomplete to McCoy. They get the first down, and Vick rushes the play. Tramon Williams intercepts him in the end zone, with under a minute left.

21-16 Packers final.