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2011 Playoffs Green Bay Packers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 21-10 Pack After Three

The Philadelphia eagles will kick to the Green Bay Packers to start the second half. sam Shields is back, but the Eagles smother him behind the 20 yard line. from the 17, Aaron Rodgers gives to James Stark for eight, an incomplete to Donald Driver, and Rodgers, looking at the eagles defense, takes a timeout with third and two.

After the timeout, Rodgers loses the ball again, and Philadelphia recovers. they'll have first down at the 29 yard line. two plays later, Michael Vick finds Jason avant in the end zone.

14-10 Packers

They kickoff and James Starks goes to the 20. He gets the first two carries for little gain, and on third and five, Rodgers takes a hit, butb gets it off to Donald driver, who hangs on. They get the first, and after two quick incompletes, it's third and 10. But the Packers always seem to manage to hang on just long enough, and rodgers finds Driver again to keep the chains moving. A follow up run of 19 yards for James Starks, brings them to the Philadelphia 30 yard line. a five yard run, and a 16 yard completion to a lonely John Kuhn gives Green Bay first and goal.

A holding call backs them up to the 16, but Brandon Jackson plows to the end zone on thre next play. The Eagles have given up a touchdown, every time the Packers have reached the red zone. 

21-10 Packers

Green Bay kicks off, and Philadelphia will start at the 28 yard line, Michael Vick goes long for DeSean Jackson, but overthrows him. jeremy Maclin gets just enough for the first on the next play. A run by LeSean McCoy gets five, and Maclin gets 18, as the Packers get burned on thr blitz twice on this drive.

From the Green Bay 37, Vick scrambles for two, Jason Avant can't hold on, and it's third and eight, Avant drops another one he should have held on to, and the Eagles will punt. They pin the Packers at the two yard line.

James Starks gets two, and John Kuhn, gets three. Third and five is a familiar place for the Packers today, but this time the Eagles make the stop. The Packers will punt from their end zone/

Chad Hall pulssd it in at the Eagles 48. They start off with a false start, making it first and 15. A hold and an illegal formation penalty, and it's first and 25. They get 11 back, on a desperation pass to Avant, an incomplete and it's third and 14.

Avant gets hit hard, but hangs on and gets 21 yards, and a first down. LeSean McCoy runs for nearly another ten yards, and puts his head down and gets the rest.

They'll have a first down, and the wind at their backs to start the fourth quarter.

21-10 Packers