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2011 Playoffs Green Bay Packers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 14-3 G.B. At The Half

Greetings K.C.

LeSean McCoy runs again , and Michael Vick runs forward for the first down. DeSean Jackson goes into the locker room before the second quarter starts, no word on if he'll be back.  Clay Matthews buries Vick back to the 20 yard line, and the eagles will punt.

Truman Williams returns it nine yards to the 43 Packers 43 yard line. James starks continues to get the carries. The give to John Kuhn results in a fumble, and the Packers recover, and get the first. he redeems himself by taking a screen pass eight yards, near the Eagles 38. The Eagles can't corral Rodgers, or his dump off receiverm and they get another first.. Green Bay takes their first time out, with first down, at the eagles 35 yard line.

Good news for Eagles fans, as DeSean Jackson  comes back out to the sideline.

With 8:22 left in the quarter, Rodgers finds Donald Driver for seven yards, and James Starks gets the first on the next down. From the 27, Rodgers loses the ball, but recovers it for a loss of two yards. Greg Jennings picks up seven, and Aaron Rodgers gwets eight scrambling. The Packers have first  and goal, and James jones picks up the touchdown on the next play.

14-0 Packers.

So far the Eagles are showing no signs of life, and they'll receive with 5:21 left in the half. Gerard Lawson takes it out to the 25, Michael Vick provides a charge by hitting Jeremy Maclin, who brings it to the Packers 30 yard line. They lose five yards on a false start, and on first and 15, they get the five yards back. Second down is a batted pass, Third and ten, and Vick runs for 13.

A run gets three, and DeSean Jackson can't find the handle. Third down and seven, after the two minute warning. The Eagles need to come away with somepoints on this possession, if they're going to stay in this game. The Packers will open with the ball in the second half.

they get to the 11 yard line, and will have to kick the field goal. David Akers is good from 29 yards.

14-3 Packers

With a little over a minute left, the Packers will start at their own 20 yard line. The Packers get a first down, and they take a timeout. Rodgers finds James Jones and lays it up perfectly, but Jones lets it bounce out of his hands. That was a touchdown, if he holds on. Green Bay follows up with a delay of game penalty. Brandon jackson Spins for ten, and the Packers let time expire.