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2011 Playoffs Green Bay Packers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles First Quarter 7-0 Packers

Welcome to our coverage of the Green Bay Packers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles. Two teams that seem very evenly matched. Green Bay won their regular season contest, 27-20 in week one, when Kevin Kolb was the Eagles' starting quarterback.

Green Bay kicks to Philadelphia, who will start at their 14 yard line. Michael Vick is sacked on first down by Desmond Bishop, but they get 18 yards on second and 19. Third and one, and Michael Vick tries to roll out, but can't convert. The eagles go three and out.

Brandon Underwood hits the live ball and the Eagles get the ball back at the Green Bay 41 yard line.

Vick scrambles for 11 yards, and they have the ball on the 30. A couple of runs, and an incomplete and the Philadelphia Eagles will kick a field goal 41 yards into the wind. It goes wide right, and the Packers take over.

From the 31 Aaron Rodgers hits Andrew Quarless for a 14, and then Donald Driver for 12. He goes for broke, throwing downfield incomplete, they get three yards, and another overthrow, Green Bay will punt.Tim Mathay skies the ball, and the Eagles call for a fair catch at the nine.

Clay Matthews comes across and the Eagles get a free play, that goes for nine yards, they get the first on the next play. Vick airs one out, to Jeremy Maclin incomplete, and they get called for holding on the next play. They get that ten back on the next play, and Vick calls timeout at third and ten at the 21 yard line. LeSean McCoy fumbles but Philly frecovers, and will punt into the wind.

Traman Williams returns it to the Packer 32 yard line. Aaron Rodgers gives to James Starks for a long run into Eagles territory. The drive is kept alive by an offsides penalty. Starks is the Packers horse for this drive, and he brings a screen pass through tacklers into the red zone, for a first down. John Kuhn pulls one in to make it first and goal, and Andy Reid calls the Eagles second timeout.

Aaron Rodgers lobs a lazy floater to Tom Crabtree for the touchdown, with eight seconds left in the first quarter

7-0 Packers

The touchback gives the ball to the Eagles at their 20, they handoff to Desean McCoy for six, to end the quarter.