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2011 Playoffs Green Bay Packers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles Game Time

The Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles meet in Philadelphia for wildcard weeknd's final match-up. When this one is over, we'll have next weekends schedule in hand.

Aaron Rodgers, owner of the NFL's lamest celebration dance, goes head-to head against Michael Vick, the NFL's poster boy of personal redemption. A Green Bay win, would send the Seattle Seahawks to Soldier Field next Sunday, to mface the NFC North champion Bears, but a Philadelphia win would bring the Eagles back to Chicago, and the Seahawks to Atlanta, to play the Falcons.

In the AFC, the New York Jets will play their arch-nemisis the New England Patriots. The Baltimore Ravens will also be seeing some familiar faces, in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So stay tuned football fans, the game is ready to begin.