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2011 NFL Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens Vs. Kansas City Chiefs 30-7 Ravens Win

At the beginning of the fourth the Chiefs are at the 49, but commit a holding penalty. They punt the ball away and Baltimore takes over at their 20. Todd Heap has been Joe Flacco's bread and butter all day, and he gets another third down conversion. Ray Rice is grinding away at a Kansas City defense that's showing signs of fatigue. Another first down results in a prolonged shoving match between the linemen. hey get to midfield, and will punt the ball away.

The Chiefs get called for offsides on the punt, and Baltimore gets a new set of downs, from the Chiefs 45. Willis Mcgahee keeps getting the call, as the Ravens are eating up chunks of time.

The referees are cautioning the head coaches, because of the amount of scrums after the whistle. Ejections will follow the next mix-up.

Anquan Boldin converts third down, bringing the Ravens to the 34. The Ravens have run 70 plays today, with about five minutes left. They're going for it on fourth and inches, to kill more time, but Willis McGahee finds a hole and runs it into the end zone.

30-7 Ravens

The stands are empty in Kansas City, as the Baltimore kickoff goes out of bounds. Matt Cassel and the Chiefs take over at the 40, with 4:30 left, and he's sacked by Terrell Suggs. Ray Lewis gets him on third down, and he's intercepted on fourth and 23. It's just a question of running out of clock, at this point.

Flacco and the Ravens start from the their 34 yard line with 3:30 left. They keep the ball on the ground. McGahee gets a first down at the two minute warning, and the Ravens will just run the clock out.

30-7 Ravens final.