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2011 NFL Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens Vs. Kansas City Chiefs Third Quarter 23-7 Ravens

Although the score is close, the Baltimore Ravens kept the ball for 20:00 minutes in the first half. They've kept their offense on the field.The Kansas City Chiefs will get the ball first in the third quarter.

They'll start from their 20, and we'll see what Matt Cassel and the Chiefs have schemed for the second half.. They send everybody out, but Cassel throws incomplete short to Jamaal Charles. They'll lose a yard on the next play, a screen pass that was slow to develop, and fooled no one.

Third down, is a play to forget, Cassel hits Moeaki, who lets it bounce off his hands, it's intercepted, fumbled and recovered by K.C. for a first down at the 32. Charles seems to be Cassel's go-to receiver today, and Thomas Jones is getting good yards on his few touches as the change-up back. He takes the ball into ravens territory, and the Chiefs are getting yards on the ground that most teams don't against Baltimore. Fourth and one, from the 32, and K.C. goes for it,but a pitch to Charles loses yards and they'll give the ball up on downs.

The Ravens take over from the 38, and a first down pass gets a 15 yard boost, on an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and the Ravens are suddenly at the Chiefs 36. A Ray Rice run, and an Anquan Boldin catch for 13 and Baltimore is working in the red zone. Rice runs and Flacco scrambles, but the hiefs stiffen, and baltimore brings out the field goal unit.

13-7 Ravens

With 6:36 left, the Chiefs will start from their 23 yard line. dwayne Bowe hasn't been thrown to yet today, and on first down Cassel is called for intentional grounding. Loss of down and they are backed up ten yards Terrel Suggs sacks him for six more lost yards on second down. On third and 26, Jamaal Charles catches the dump off, and ray Lewis knocks the ball out, Baltimore recovers.

On the Ravens first play, Eric Berry is called for contact. The Chiefs are self-destructing, and Baltimore is looking to make some hay off the short field. The Chiefs are all over Joe Flacco, whose sacked once, and has his arm hit while throwing. So the Ravens settle for the chip-shot field goal.

16-7 Ravens

Jamaal Charles drops the kickoff in the end zone, and is forced to take a kknee, so Kansas City will start at the 20 yard line.

Even though Matt cassel has all the time in the world, he's still intercepted when he finally releases, and the route is on.

Baltimore takes over at the K.C. 31 yard line. and Willis McGaheebrings them in to the red zone. Flacco hits Todd Heap at the five yard line, and the Ravens call timeout on second and goal from the four. With 32 seconds left in the third quarter, Anquan Boldin pulls in the pass for a touchdown.

23-7 Ravens

They kick with 27 seconds left in the quarter, and the Chiefs will start from their own 46 yard line.

On first down, Matt Cassel is hit, he fumbles and it's recovered by Baltimore. The call is being challenged, as to whether it should be an incomplete pass. It is ruled an incomplete and the Chiefs get a momentary reprieve, with 19 seconds left. Time expires after one play.

23-7 Ravens