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2011 NFL Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens Vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Ravens lead 10-7 At Half

Eric Berry is giving Joe Flacco trouble, and he breaks up another pass to open the second quarter. The Ravens punt to the 14, and Matt Cassel pitches to Jamaal Charles. He's getting good yards on every rush, and the Chiefs keep sending him through the line.  Thomas Jones gets a pass for eight yards and that's cassel's first completion. Jones taes the ball over midfield, for a first down on the next play.

From the 48 Jamaal Charles gets stripped and Baltimore will take over from around their own 42. But Baltimore goes three and out, and they punt out of bounds at the 13.

Their drive stalls near midfield, and the punt goes for a touchback. Yards and receivers have been hard to find for Flacco in this half, he's had to scramble a lot, he's fumbled twice, and he's been sacked three times. He manages two nice first down yardage completions to Todd Heap before the two minute warning halts play.

The Ravens have  the ball at the Chiefs 34 yard line, and on first down, Flacco has to slide for six, and Heap gets 12 more to bring the Ravens inside the 18 yard line. They take a timeout, and Flacco gets another six with his feet. Under a minute at the 11 yard line they send Ray Rice up the middle, for two. On third down, Rice gets open over the middle, and walks the ball in.

10-7 Ravens

With 19 seconds left Baltimore's squib kick rolls to the 4 yard line , the Chiefs take it to the 15 yard line, and take a knee to end the half.

10-7 Ravens

When the fans in K.C. aren't doing a cartoonish 'Indian Chant', they're being serenaded by Journey songs. I can't decide which offends more.