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2011 NFL Playoff Schedule: Sunday Showtime

Good morning and welcome to the Sunday edition of wild card weekend. Upsets were the order of the day yesterday, with the SeahawksMarshawn Lynch and Matt Hasselbeck giving performances that will be shown on playoff highlight reels for years to come.

Today’s action shows an awful lot of promise, as the Baltimore Ravens play the Kansas City Chiefs at noon CST, followed by the Green Bay Packers vs. the Philadelphia Eagles.

Bears fans are caught in the conundrum of having to choose between rooting for the Eagles, and seeing their high-powered offense return to Chicago, and rooting for the Green Bay Packers; an unnatural act, but a Packers victory would bring the Seahawks to Soldier Field next Sunday.

Seattle beat the Bears in Chicago in Week 6, 23-20, but the Bears have been a different team since their bye week. They’ve also beaten the Eagles in Week 12, 31-26.

So pick your poison, and settle in, we’ll be here all day, giving you updates on the quarters and all the playoff news you need.