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2011 NFL Playoffs: New York Jets Vs. Indianapolis Colts, Jets Win On Last Second Field Goal

Mark Sanchez gets a first down on a shovel pass, to start the quarter. Even as the Colts secondary loses more starters, they keep giving to LaDanian Tomlinson, and it's working.  The Jets have a first down at the Colts 16. They've gone to the wildcat with Brad Smith a couple of times, and Dustin Keller gets a short pass and takes it to the three yard line. Shonn Greene makes it second and one, and Tomlinson can't get over on second, but goes in standing on third down.

14-10 Jets.

The Jets took almost ten minutes off the clock with that drive, and there's less than ten minutes left in regulation. Peyton Manning will have the ball for only the second time this half.. He'll have his work cut out for him, as they'll start from the 19 yard line.

Joeseph Addai gets them into midfield, with one Pierre Garcon catch to keep the drive moving. A draw and handoff to Dominic Rhodes gets the first down, but the Jets are keeping Manning from airing it out. He hits Garcon on a slant for another first, he's Manning's go-to today. And they're in the red zone, but it's quickly third and seven. They're stopped and Vinatieri comes in for three.

14-13 Jets

The Jets will start atntheir 20 after the touchback, there's 4:37 left on the clock. They seem to have decided to make the Colts stop them on the ground, something they haven't done this half. Two runs and a Santonio Holmes drop and they punt, but a running into the kicker penalty gives the Jets a fresh set of downs.

With under three minutes left, the Colts have to start using timeouts.

The Jets go to the wildcat, and the Colts use another timeout at hird and five. This could be the game. Rex Ryan's achilles heel is going for the kill shot, and he does it here by sending sanchez out for the long bomb, that goes incomplete.

After the punt goes into the end zone, Peyton Manning takes over from the 20 with 2:36. he promptly throws for two first downs. Joseph Addai takes it on the draw and it's second and four at the 48 with just under two minutes left. 

Blair White pulls in the pass over the middle, and thee Colts are just chipping away at the yardage into field goal range.  The Jets take a timeout, then break up a pass on third down.

Adam Vinatieri comes in and calmly kicks the 50 yard field goal.

16-14 Colts

The Jets Antonio Cromartie runs the ball back to the 46. First down is a catch, drop, recovery, that's being reviewed. There's 40 seconds left on the clock. If it's confirmed, it's second and one. It's confirmed, but the Jets also used a timeout.

Santonio Holmes gets the first and goes out of bounds at the 36. Tomlinson goes two yards, and the Colts call timeout. It's second and eight with :29 left. Sanchez hits Braylon Edwards at about the 14 and Nick Folk comes out to kick a 32 yarder.

It's good. Jets win 17-16.