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2011 NFL Playoffs: New York Jets Vs. Indianapolis Colts 10-7 Colts after Three Quarters

The Jets have the ball to open the second half, they're feeding it to Shonn Greene, and thety find their way to mid-field quickly. and that opens up a lane for Dustin Keller for about 15, and LaDanian Tomlinson brings them near the ten, he then gets them first and goal from the one yard line, and they score on an LT push. It's a 65 yard opening drive.

7-7 tie game

The Colts take the kickoff near the 25 and Peyton Manning and the Colts will have the ball for the first time in the third quarter. He mixes tosses to Joseph Addai with a nice over the middle pass to Blair White. The Jets secondary is blanketing receivers, but it's leaving nice holes for Addai. They get to the Jets 30 and no further, and Adam Vinatieri gives the Colts a three point lead.

10-7 Colts

Brad Smith is back deep for the Jets, he takes the ball out and gets hammered near the 14. They play fake and bull their way past the 50 and into Colts territory and they'll have third and seven at the 40 to start the fourth quarter.