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2011 NFL Playoffs: New York Jets Vs. Indianapolis Colts, First Quarter Shutout

After the incredible game in Seattle early, we immediately move to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapoplis.

The Colts receive the kickoff and begin at their 20 yard line, and Peyton Manning hits the ground throwing, but the Jets hold and the Colts will punt. The punt rolls through Santonio Holmes legs, and the Colts pick up the ball. The referee says that Holmes never touched the ball, but Indianaplois challenges.

Mrk Sanchez and the Jets will begin at the 27. LaDanian Tomlinson makes a nice run, but the Jets punt from near midfield for a touchback.

So far, Manning is taking the short passes the Jets are allowing him, but he's not getting the first down yardage. Likewise the Colts defense is attacking, and they've already gotten to Sanchez. Jerricho Cotchery gets the second first down of the game. They can't get anywhere, but they're keeping the game near the Colts sode of the field. They kick their second touchback on their second punt.

The Jets get caught with 12 men on the field. It's not Ed The Fireman, but he's in the stands, doubtlessly representing everything these Hoosiers surrounding him despise about New York.

So far it's a defensive battle; six punts and both squads are flying to the ball carrier. The Colts get their only first done so far at the 2:38 mark.

The offenses have each gotten two first downs, and at the end of the first there's no score