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2011 NFL Playoffs: New Orleans Saints Vs. Seattle Seahawks, Seahawks Win 41-36

Julius Jones opens the fourth down with a run, a screen pass from Drew Brees gets him a couple more, but a hit out of bounds gets them half the distance to the goal and first down. Two plays later the Saints score, and you can almost feel the momentum changing hands.

34-27 Seahawks

After another kick to Leon washington, the saints wrap him about near the 24, and the Seahawks, who can't seem to move the ball at all anymore. go three and out for the second time in a row.

After the punt, the saints will start at their own 44. Reggie Bush has gone to the New Oreleans locker room. Brees is his hard and the crowd gerts back into it, but on the next paly Julius Jones takes a screen pass 33 yards. Pete Carroll calls timeout, possibly just to get his defense a chance to regroup.

Brees continues to lean on Jones, and they're second and five, at the six yard line. Jones gets two more and this is a big play, and seattle's defense clamps down on a screen. The Saints settle for three.

34-30 Seahawks

With 9:13 left in the game the saints corner kick to washington, who takes it to the 29. Matt Hasselbeck  gives to Marshawn Lynch who goes nowhere, and then underthrows his receiver. It's third and eight and N.O. takes a timeout.

Hasselbeck hits Brandon Stokely on a slant, and gets the first. He had eight incompletions in a row before that. A run for  loss, and a sack and it's third and 17. A pass underneath isn't nearly enough, and they'll punt with 6:05 on the clock.

A punt to the 13, and two flags against the Saints, and the ball is on the six yard line. A bubble screen to Jones gets them enough for a first down, and Seattle LB Lofa Ttupu is helped off. Another false start penalty and the Saints are backed up again. It\s second and 15 from the 12 yard line and time is getting short. A dump off pass and a run out of bounds, third and eight and the saints take a timeout.

Drew Brees tries to force it, it's incomplete and they'll punt. The Seahawks will take over at their own 33 yard line, and they may have taken the saints hopes with them. Lynch is wrapped up in first down, but on second down Marshawn Lynch lives up to the 'Beast, nickname he gave himself, and refuses to be tackled! 

He goes 67 yards for a touchdown, and that looks like the final nail in the Saints coffin.

41-30 Seahawks.

The Saints take the kickoff to the 30, and Brees is incomplete on first down. There's 3:12 on the clock, and Brees finds Henderson for 17 yards on the sideline. he follows up with a go-for-broke lauch downfield that's nearly picked off, and a left handed shovel pass for seven. They're inside the 40 and the clock is ticking, another pass to the 20, and the two minute warning stops play.

The Saints score by sheer force of will, try for the two-point conversion and fail.

41-36 Seahawks

They line up for the onside kick, but it's too hard and John carlson pulls it in, and instantly falls down. There's 1:29 left, and Marshawn Lynch gets close to the first down, that would end the game. New Orleans uses it's last time out. Lynch gets the ball again and goes nowhere. Hasselbeck takes a knee and undoubtedly the biggest upset in playoff history is complete.

41-36 Seahawks