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2011 NFL Playoffs: New Orleans Saints Vs. Seattle Seahawks, 34-20 Seahawks

This is the first time since the 1994 playoffs that both teams have scored 20+ points in the first half. The Saints kickoff and don't avoid kicking it to Leon Washington, and he can't break past the 25. But Matt Hasselbeck is playing like the Hasselbeck of old, and he continues to pick apart the Saints secondary. He finds Mike Williams in double coverage and puts it in the end zone to lead 31-20.

The Saints start again from behind the 20, and now the crowd noise is overwhelming and drew Brees and the saints offense can't get anything started. They punt and Leon Washington returns it for 11 yards and the Seahawks will start with good field position from their 45. marshawn Lynch gets big yards and crosses mid-field. Pete Carroll's offense has the Saints on their heels. Brandon Stokely pulls the ball in with a defender draped across his back. He gets the first, but is hurt on the play. Seattle has already used two timeouts.   

The Seahawks get to the 24 before they're stopped and they convert the field goal.

34-20 Seahawks

The saints bring the kick out of the end zone, and only make it to the 17 yard line, but a Seattle offsides means they'll kick it again. They bring it back to around the 27. The Seahawks defense is smothering New Orleans, and they're struggling for every yard. They get fourth and inches on the 38, and Drew Brees refuses to let the punt team come on. And immediately pays the price as Julius Jones can't  get across theline, and thee Seahawks take over on downs.

The Seahawks are cooling off, at least momentarily. Hasselbeck is hitting his receivers, but they're not hanging on to the ball. They line up for a 53 yard field goal, but are called for delay of game, and they're forced to punt.

The saints will take over from about the 14, an area they've become very familiar with. Two incompletions, and a dump off to Reggie Bush gets them a rare second half first down. Brees dinks and dunks for another first down, the running game abandoned, at least for now.  As time expires in the third, he avoids the blitz and hits Lance Moore at the Seattle 40 yard line.