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2011 NFL Playoffs: New Orleans Saints Vs. Seattle Seahawks Second Quarter 24-20 Seattle

A pass to Jeremy Shockey opens the second quarter, and he gets the first down yardage. Reggie Bush and Julius Jones continue to chew up chunks of yardage. The New Orleans Saints take their first timeout on third and short from the Seattle five yard line. On the next play Julius Jones scores up the gut on his former team. Let's see if Sean Payton continues to give the Seahawks the short field on kickoff.

17-7 Saints

A squib kick to the ten, is returned to the 30 yard line, and matt Hasselbeck hits Benjamin Obamanu for a first down.  Litte shoving matches are breaking out after tackles. A pass interference call keeps Seattle's drive alive and into New Orleans territory. After a timeout,  Hasselbeck tosses a rainbow to Cameron Morrah for 35 yards, and follows up with a touchdown strike to Obamanu.

17-14 Saints

Seattle's special teams have given the Saints a starting point from behind their 20, and an incomplete and another false start, and Drew Brees is working form a deep hole. The saints have their first three and out of the game.   

After the punt the Seahawks will start from their 38. Matt Hasselbeck throws his first incompletions of the day and with 9:08 in the second quarter Seattle punts to the Saints 19 yard line.

Julius Jones fumbles on first down, and Seattle recovers at the 16. A huge turnover, and the Seahawks give it to Marshawn Lynch three straight times, but can't convert. Olindo Mare ties it up with 7;03 on the clock.

17-17 tie

Devery Henderson fights to return the ball to the 32, and gets four more on the next play. A short pass is followed by a Brees sack, and the saints will punt again.

Seattle has the ball at their own 24 yard line, with a little over five minutes to work with. they get one first down and take their second timeout with 3:34 left, and a pass gives them third and one. Hasselbeck doesn't like what he sees in the Saints defense, and uses his last timeout.  They near mid-field and get the first. They line up and try to draw the Saints offsides, but it's no go, and the two minute warning stops play.

Hasselbeck can't find a receiver downfield and his dump off pass goes incomplete, they get across midfield and on third down hasselbeck rears back and launches a 45 yard touchdown pass to Brandon Stokely. Hasselbeck is down after the play, but jumps back up. That's 17 unanswered points by seattle and they take the lead.


Once again, Henderson can't get to the 20, but on first down he gets 40 on a long pass from Drew Brees and the Saints are on the Seahawks 40 yard line. New Orleans has to use their last timeout as Henderson stays down after the catch. Brees throws for 11, and the receiver gets out of bounds. Jeremy Shockey can't hold onto a laser strike, and Marques colston can't pull in the second down pass. Lance moore hauls one in past the 20 for the first down, And Brees spikes it, then hits Reggie bush for five. A scramble and headfirst dive gets him the first, and a spike with nine seconds. there's some question about the play clock, but the Saints can't convert and they have to settle for a field goal.

At the end of the first half, it's 24-20 Seahawks.