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2011 NFL Playoffs: New Orleans Saints Vs. Seattle Seahawks First Quarter

It seems odd to to consider the New Orleans Saints the seasoned playoff veterans, but in the 2010 Playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks, that's what they are. The defending Super Bowl Champs against the first 7-9 to ever make the post-season.

The Seahawks started the game by kicking off out of bounds, and didn't offer much resistance in the first Saints drive that culminated in a chip shot field goal with 11:43 on the clock.

The Saints return the favor by short kicking away from Leon Washington, and the Seahawks start from their 35. But Matt Hasselbeck is intercepted by Jabari Greer on third down, and after an offsides penalty, the Saints start from around the 30 yard line. New Orleans are riding Reggie Bush and Julius Jones early. A third and three pass interference call on the 5 yard line, sets the Saints up for an easy touchdown on the next play, a pass to Heath Evans.

10-0 Saints

Kicking away from Washington gives the Seahawks another short field, and they start their second drive from their own 43. hasselbeck gets two quick first downs, and has crossed into Saints territory, but WR Benjamin Obamanu stays down holding his wrist. The next Marshawn Lynch runs for ten, bringing them in to the red zone. A defensive hold gives them a first at the 11, and Matt Hasselbeck hits John Carlson for a touchdown on the next play.

10-7 Saints

the Seahawks TD has the crowd fired up, and only (another) first down penalty on Seattle gets the Saints past their own 20, but once Drew Brees has a little breathing room he quickly moves his team to mid-field. With the first quarter drawing to a close, the crowd gets it first false start penalty, and a first and fifteen pass in the middle of the field goes incomplete.

At the end of the firat quarter it's 10-7 Saints