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Chicago Bears 2011 Schedule Includes AFC West And NFC South Opponents

We've just completed the 2010 NFL regular season schedule, and already we know what teams the Bears will face in 2011, thanks to two tweets from Brad Biggs, Bears beat writer for the Chicago Tribune.


At home, the Bears will face their divisional rivals, the Packers, Lions and Vikings from the NFC North, and the following other teams: the Falcons and Panthers from the NFC South, the Seahawks from the NFC West, and the Chiefs and Chargers from the AFC West.


On the road, the Bears will travel to face, as always, the Packers, Lions and Vikings, and will also visit the Saints and Buccaneers from the NFC South, the Eagles from the NFC East, and the Broncos and Raiders from the AFC West.


Dates and times will be announced in April. All of this, of course, presumes there will be no NFL lockout next season -- no sure thing at this point. Try not to think about that, and instead look forward to the Bears' first playoff date at noon CST on Sunday, Jan. 16.