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AFC Championship Game Jets Vs. Steelers: Steelers Win 24-19

The New York Jets are driving to open the fourth quarter. On fourth and less than a yard at the 18 yard line, they push Shonn Greene through for a first down. A botched snap loses eight yards. A draw to Greene gets 17 yards. Mark Sanchez hits Jerricho Cotchery on a screen for the first and goal from the three.

A goal line stand by the Steelers holds them out of the end zone, and Pittsburgh will take over on downs.

On first down, another Steelers bobbled snap results in a safety for the Jets

24-12 Steelers

The free kick to the Jets is returned to the 42. Braylon Edwards gets another key catch into Pittsburgh territory. On the next play, Sanches falls into Jets center Nick Mangold, he's down and there's an injury timeout.  On a fourth and one, they pickmup ten on a quick slant, and they're in the red zone. Sanchez keeps hitting Dustin Keller to move the chains. They're having communication problems, and they're using too much time. but on second and goal from the Cothcery gets the touchdown.

24-19 Steelers

The Steelers will start from their 40 , with just under three minutes left.  After a two yard run from Rashard Mendenhall, the Jets call their first timeout. Roethlisberger finds Heath Miller for 14 yards, and the Jets will call timeout again. They'll have one more and the two minute warning to stop the clock. Mendenhall gets two, and forces the Jets to use their final timeout. Mendenhall gets the ball again. They'll let time run out to the two minute warning.

Third and six, and Roethlisberger is chased out of the pocket, but he finds Antonio Brown for the first down, and they'll run out the clock.

24-19 Steelers final.

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans.