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AFC Championship Game Jets Vs. Steelers:24-10 steelers After Three

The Jets receive the kickoff to open the second half. The ball is dropped, and they start from near their 10. Shonn Greene takes the ball 22 yards, but he's hurt when he's poushed hard to the sideline. There's some confusion, and the jets are forced to use a timeoutJ

They strike quickly, and Mark Sanchez  firnds Santonio Holmes twice for long gains, the second for a touchdown.

24-10 Steelers

The Steelers take the kickoff to the 28, ben Roethlisberger, shakes a rusher, then scrambles for four. Rashard Mendenhall takes handoff for another four, an incomplete and the steelers go three and out.

The wind chill has dipped the temps below zero.

The Jets commit a roughing the kicker penalty, and the Steelers get new life. They're just across the 50, and they're using the clock well. The Jets lost some momentum with that penalty. Roethlisberger throws towards the end zone, and he's intercepted. The Jets will take over at their own 14 .

They go three and out, and punt. Antwaan Randle El lets the ball roll out of his arms, out of bounds near the 30. rashard Mendenhall continues to slash through the line for big gains. Roethlisberger runs for three to get a first, and a defensive holding penalty adds five, as the Steelers cross midfield. The jets drop Big Ben for a loss of seven, their first sack of the evening. They lose three more on the next play, as the Jets are getting in the backfield, and they sack Roethlisberger for a loss of anothe rfive yards. The Steelers will punt on fourth and 25.

The Jets fair catch at the 19 , with 50 seconds left in the quarter . Braylon Edwards gets a catch for a first. The Steelers Ryan Clark has to be helped off the field.

At the end of three, it's 24 10 Steelers