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AFC Championship Game Jets Vs. Steelers: 7-0 Steelers After One Quarter

The AFC Championship game between the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field is about to begin. It's 15 F with the wind chill making it feel like 5F.

The Jets kickoff and the Steelers will start at their 34. In the midst of a nice drive across midfield. Ben Roethlisberger is hobbling, after taking a knee to the thigh. Rashard Mendenhall makes a beautfiul play, gaining eight on what looked like a broken play. The Steelers are running right at the defense. Roethlisberger floats one to Heath Miller, but the replay shows it loose on the ground. Rex Ryan challenges the call. It's ruled incomplete.

Even with an injured, after a Jets defender falls on his calf.

Mendenhalll scores on the next play. The drive eats 9:06 off the clock.

7-0 Steelers

The Jets start from their 27 yard line. They fight their way to midfield, on the strength of a pass interference call. The Steelers D is tight in coverage, and the drive stalls. With under two minute left in the quarter, they punt. The Steelers will take over at their own 13. They're driving,as time expires in the first quarter

7-0 Steelers