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NFC Championship Game Bears Vs. Packers: Packers Win 21-14

Caleb Hanie is the QB for the Chicago Bears. The bears cannot bring back Jay Cutler or Todd Collins. Matt Forte gets a first, and Hanie scrambles for two. Matt Forte gets 11 on the next play. He's stepping up. Chester Taylor loses yards on the next play. It's second and 13, and Hanie hits Johnny Knox in stride, and he gets to the one yard line. Chester taylor puts his head down and goes in for the score!

14-7 Packers

The Bears kick deep, and James Starks takes it to the 24. Aaron Rodgers hands off to Starks, he's stuffed. They call Julius Peppers for helmet to helmet for 15 yards. He stays in, but Green Bay is called for a false start. Another penalty, for pass interference, another gift first down.

First and 10, from midfield. John Kuhn gets six on a screen.  Starks gets two, and he's gang tackled. Big third and two coming up. A quick slant to Quarless goes incomplete, they'll punt.

Devin Hester lets it go. After some discussion, it's ruled a touchback. The Caleb Hanie led Chicago Bears will start from the 20 yard line with 9:19 left in the game. Matt Forte gets nothing on first down, on second down, Hanie is hit on his arm, and it's an incomplete. He sees the corner blitz, and throws it away on third down. The Bears will punt. It goes 24 yards,and the packers will have prime field position.

Aaron Rodgers will start from the Bears 44. A  pass to Quarless is too low, another slant to Greg Jennings, another nine yards. A screen attempt is broken up by Israel Idonije, they'll punt. It goes out of bounds at the 10.

The Bears and Caleb Hanie have 7:22 to make something happen. A Matt Forte run gets two. A pass to Earl Bennett gets three. Hanie uses a timeout, as the play clock expires.

On third and five,  Hanie is intercepted by B.J. Raji, who takes it in for the score.

21-7 Packers

On the kickoff, a floater to Rashied Davis is returned 16 yards to the 40. Hanie rolls out and hits Greg Olsen for a first. Earl bennett gets seven and is rocked. Matt forte pulls in a pass for the first. On the next play, Hanie hits Earl Bennett on the sideline, he goes in for a touchdown! An 81 second drive.

21-14 Packers

he Packers have their 'hands team' out, Robbie Gould squib kicks, and charles Woodsen brings it to the 25. Corey graham stuffs james Starks for a loss of a yard.  He loses another yard, and is forced out of bounds, stopping the clock. Third and 12, and Aaron Rodgers is stopped by Lance briggs at the line of scrimmage. The Packers will punt.

Devin Hester is deep, he won't get far. the bears will start at their own 29, with 2:53 left, and two timeouts. Hanie makes a dangerous throw to Forte incomplete. Hanie pulls in a bad snap, and screens to Forte for a yard.

 On third and nine, he beats the blitz and hits Greg olsen for the first, He goes out of bounds. Hanie's in trouble, and they make a terrible call for grounding. It's second and 20, a pass to Forte gets ten. Forte is tackled one yard short of the first down. The two minute warning stops play, and it'll be fourth and one with 1:54 left in the game.

Chester Taylor gets it, and Matt Forte crosses the Packers 35, and goes out of bounds. On first down, Hanie rolls out, and has to throw it away. On second down he finds Olsen for seven, he goes out of bounds. The Bears use their second timeout. Earl Bennett is hit behind the line of scrimmage, fourth abd four. Hanie is picked off, with 37 seconds left. The Packers will win 21-14.

Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers and their fans.