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NFC Championship Game Bears Vs. Packers:Jay Cutler Out, Pack leads 14-0 After Three

The Chicago Bears will receive to start the second half, and a quick score would certainly put them right back in this. Devin Hester breaks some tackles and brings the ball to the 40. They're saying Jay Cutler's knee is injured, but he's behind center. Matt Fore gets five on first down, one on second. Cutler throws too low for Hester, and they'll punt.

Brad Maynard kicks, and Corey Graham downs the ball at the Packer 17. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will have the ball for the first time in the half. He has time, throws deep to greg Jennings, but Charles Tillman breaks it up. James Starks spins, and Israel Idonije lays him out, he gets two yards. On third down, he finds Jordy Nelson for 22 yards, and they're on their own 40. Another 20 to Jennings and they're in bears territory. James Starks turns the corner and gets nine, and it looks like the first drive of the game all over again.

But they smother Starks behind the line on second down, and James Jones drops a pass at the goal line. He gets the pass interference call, and it's first and goal from the eight. Starks spins for two yards, and second down is incomplete to Donald Driver. On third down Brian Urlacher intercepts and runs it back to the 45 yard line.

A huge, huge play for the Bears.

Todd Collins comes in for Cutler and goes incomplete on first down. And then a false start backs them up further. They say Cutler is questionable. Collins goes incomplete on second down, and it looks grim for the Bears.

Third and 15 and Collins appears to be intercepted, but on replay it shows the ball hit the ground. Lovie Smith challenges the call. The call is overturned, the Bears will punt.

Brad Maynard gets off a fair punt, and the Packers will start near their 20, with 8:26 left in the quarter. Rodgers gives to starks, but it's called back for holding. First and 20, A screen to Jennings gets a yard, and he gets 22 to Jennings on the next play.

From the 37, Starks is mobbed, they give him a yard. Rodgers is swarmed on the next play, but there's another hold. Second and 18, Rodgers gets 10 back on a pass to Jordy Nelson. Chicago is  everywhere in the backfield, and Rodgers has to throw the ball away. They'll punt.

Devin Hester slips on the catch, and the Bears will start from behind the 20, with 4:29 on the clock.

Matt Forte is buried at the line of scrimmage, and he turs the corner for eight on second down. And another poorly thrown pass and the Bears are three and out.

Tramon Williams fumbles the punt, but the Packers recover, and get five more yards on an illegible man down field penalty. They'll start from the 32 yard line.

John Kuhn, is met by Brian Urlacher at the line of scrimmage, they give him two. Urlacher is a man possessed. He smothers Brandon Jackson for a loss of five. Rodgers has to hurry and he throws incomplete. The Packers will punt.

They have to rekick after a penalty. Caleb hanie, the Bears third string QB looks to be coming into the game. Earl Bennett is back, and he makes a nice return. The bears will start at the 33 yard line. Matt Forte runs for 11 yards. He gets four up the gut, on the nexy play. Time expires in the third quarter.

14-0 Packers.